LEAP #2: Explain a Key Idea

For this week’s LEAP assignment, I identified a theme across several of our readings: the capacity to engage and empower students through media composition projects.  I wanted to create a video to demonstrate this interesting set of ideas to an audience of non-specialists with an interest in digital literacy.  Here’s what I made, with a brief review of the tool below:

I chose Animoto to do this because I have already worked with the program.  In hindsight, after watching Kayla’s awesome Moovly video, I really wish I had tried using that program instead.  I saw it on the list of digital tools to use, but since I was already familiar with Animoto, I went with that.

Some things that made me regret choosing Animoto include a frustratingly short word limit (which is a tough restraint for someone with an unsuccessful history of achieving brevity), the giant watermark that you can’t get rid of unless you pay $39 for the month, and the inability to control the placement of words and images.  And last but not least, I can’t seem to make it embed prettily into this post using the embed code Animoto provides me with.  I know there are affordances and constraints to any tool, and I wouldn’t want to gripe for the sake of griping, but I just wanted to share my takeaways from this process!

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